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Tue, 8th Mar 2016

The A to Zika of Viruses: Preventing Pandemics

World (c) Jpatokal

With infectious diseases wiping out millions each year, we look at how we can predict pandemics, whether scientists should be allowed to engineer super viruses, and how war and politics could prevent us from winning the fight against polio. Plus, news of how laughing gas could prevent PTSD, a breakthrough in soft-robotics and why skipping sleep could give you the munchies.

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  • 56:48 - How do pheromones work in humans?

    So what's this i hear about the inbuilt pheromone radar system we have that checks out likely mates for their suitability? I know that everyone has their own unique scent, and that people that share certain characteristics have similar scents, and that there are those who's phero...



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