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Tue, 5th Apr 2016

Can You Boost Your Memory?

Mmeory (c)

Exam season is around the corner, so this week the Naked Scientists take a walk down memory lane to find out what's going on upstairs when you learn and remember things, and investigate if it's possible to boost your brain power. Plus, in the news, prosthetic fingers that can actually feel, the sacred art of origami gets a DNA update and Kat asks whether giant pandas really just don’t fancy getting frisky.

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  • 19:16 - DNA origami!

    These days origami has more uses than just paper, like using DNA to make teeny tiny objects!

  • 25:54 - How to make a memory

    How do we form a memory and once it's there, how do we get it back again?

  • 32:46 - Why not sleep on it?

    How can we boost our memory? Well there's one simple, sleepy, solution.

  • 38:39 - Sleep, memory and schizophrenia

    Sleep is important for memory but just how important? Connie Orbach went to a sleep lab to find out what happens when it goes wrong.



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