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Mon, 16th May 2016

Does Telepathy Exist?

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This week on the Naked Scientists, your questions go under the microscope. Do women have a superior memory? What is the evidence for climate change? Can plants get cancer? Why do we sometimes see stars? And has the universe been through multiple big bangs? Join Dr Chris as he puts an astrophysicist, a neuroscientist, a climate researcher and a plant scientist through their paces tackling the questions you’ve been sending in...

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  • 01:14 - Do women have better memories than men?

    Is it a fact that females have a better memory than males? I always have arguments with my wife about this because I can't remember everything that she does.

  • 03:58 - Can plants get cancer?

    Hi Chris! I have a question for you. Can plants get cancer? Hope you can answer as soon as possible.

  • 05:46 - What would the planets do without the sun?

    If the sun disappeared, what would happen to the planets?

  • 08:39 - Is climate change really happening?

    I have watched a youtube video called The Great Global Warming Swindle, which puts forward convincing evidence that there is no correlation between CO2 levels and rising temperatures. Featured on the programme are Nigel Lawson, Nigel Calder (ex New Scientist Editor), Patrick Moor...

  • 13:16 - What is the gallbladder for?

    I have to have an operation to have my gallbladder out, but what is it and will I notice when it's gone?

  • 15:30 - Why don't trees make the ground subside?

    I am looking out of my window at two very large oak trees in my yard and I am wondering how they are able to grow so large without making the ground below them shrink. I understand that they use minerals from the Earth, but how can they use enough of these minerals to make a 20 ...

  • 16:51 - How do visual illusions work?

    Why can I choose how I perceive some illusions but not others? With some visual illusions I can choose to shift my focus e.g. with the face/vase illusion I can see the face then refocus and see the vase ( Other illusions like the spinnin...

  • 22:12 - Could lightning sour milk?

    Does lightning sour milk? My uncle was a dairy man and he said yes but I am a scientists and I just don't see it. However, we just had a series of storms go through and a half a gallon of milk soured. Humm. We never have milk sour. It is making me wonder.

  • 23:39 - Could the world be self healing?

    I accept that global warming is an known fact and that the answer is a reduction in greenhouse gases and that as a result of the increase of such gases there will be an ever increasing incidence of environmental thermo dynamic meteorological activity across the globe and that the...

  • 26:52 - What is the maximum human population?

    Regarding "Ideal Human Population", no one seems to really answer the question, taking into consideration the land needed for houses, stores, roads, animals that need forests to live, water (lakes, ponds) forests for lumber to build these homes, stores etc. what about the farmlan...

  • 30:41 - Is there any evidence for telepathy?

    Hi, listening to your Valentine's Day podcast got me thinking about mental telepathy. When my wife and I started going together in 1971, we seemed to sense when one of us would phone or have an idea e.g. what to eat, etc. Now 45 years later and that still persists. I will be ...

  • 33:15 - Could a can of cola stay cold for two days?

    After a cookout on Saturday, I left two cans of Coca-Cola in my bag. Around Monday morning which is almost two days later, when I left for school, the cans were still cold with moisture on it. My mom found the cans and thought that I had taken them out of the refrigerator and was...

  • 35:44 - Can we store excess sea water underground?

    Why can't we replace the space from which we have extracted crude oil with seawater in an attempt to solve the rising sea level crisis? With the amount of oil we extract surely it could make a difference seeing as the immediate threat is posed by greenland melting and causing sea...

  • 37:38 - Blue Sky Sprites

    Have you ever looked at the sky on a sunny day and seen tiny white dots wiggling in your vision?

  • 41:20 - Could the big bang be in a repeating cycle?

    My understanding of the big bang, is that we started off with one large mass which contained all material. This then exploded outwards and is still expanding. Is there a point in the future where the expansion will stop and everything will start returning to one large mass an...

  • 43:57 - Why don't all trees drop their leaves?

    In colder climates, many leaf trees drop their leaves during the autumn. Is there an average percentage amount of biomass that a tree drops through their leaves in a season? And related to that, some trees do not drop their leaves even in colder climates, so why is it evolutionar...

  • 46:10 - Could we breed gorillas to talk?

    Apparently a gorilla was taught sign language. Could selective breeding over 50000 years produce a sophisticated language in gorillas, and perhaps accentuated abstract and artistic intelligence?

  • 47:19 - Could we launch rockets from rockets?

    Can a rocket or some sort of spacecraft be mounted on another - say travelling at 1000 km/h and then the mounted one fired at 1000 km/k to travel at 2000 km/h and another mounted on the second rocket to be fired and double the speed? If this is feasible, why is it not done to spe...

  • 51:13 - How many cell divisions make a baby?

    How many times must a fertilised ovum divide to form a normal term baby? Does this account for the placenta and apoptosis? How many cells are in a newborn? How fast is the cell division curve in each month?



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