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Mon, 6th Jun 2016

Your Home In 2050

Knitted House (c)

A growing global population means we are facing a considerable housing shortage and it has been estimated that by 2025 as many as 1.6 billion individuals will face crowded substandard housing.

But, the need to build more homes comes at a cost as in countries like the U.K., half of the population's carbon emissions come just from the buildings we inhabit.

So, can we have sustainable housing that still meets the demands of a growing population?

Plus in the news: painkillers that could actually be making your pain worse, the secrets of the earth's magnetic core and the truth behind the naked mole-rat.

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  • 45:12 - Co-housing: A sustainable solution?

    New technology is all well and good but in order to live truly sustainably do we need to change the way we live?

  • 48:24 - Sustainable cities

    The UN estimates that by 2050 up to 70% of us will be living in cities. How can we make them more sustainable?



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