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Mon, 20th Jun 2016

Autopsy: A Matter of Life and Death

Autopsy (c)  T.J. Hawk

This week on the Naked Scientists, we observe a post-mortem. The patient was in his seventies but the coroner ordered an autopsy because the cause of death wasn't clear. Chris Smith observes pathologist Alison Cluroe conduct the procedure as she tries to find out why the patient died and sees how this once common practice is still saving lives... 

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  • 00:59 - How have post-mortems changed?

    We've been conducting autopsies for hundreds of years but they weren't commonplace and often used as a criminal punishment...

  • 03:22 - Looking for external clues

    The first step in a post-mortem is to examine the patient for clues as to the cause of death. What did the pathologist find?



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