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Mon, 27th Jun 2016

Science meets MasterChef!

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The Naked Scientists are hosting their very own dinner party, and the guests include a master distiller, a Masterchef finalist and a master of chocolate - all on hand to help reveal the science behind the perfect dinner party. Plus, the world's fastest supercomputer boots up in China and news of why itchy mosquito bites are more likely to infect. (This show was produced by Queens' College Naked Scientists Prize Intern, Fanny Yuen.)

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  • 17:43 - Shark-proof wetsuit!

    A wetsuit has been designed which could render the wearer either invisible or repellent to sharks...

  • 27:04 - Ant-flavoured gin

    How do various flavours interact when you have a drink?

  • 54:02 - How do octopuses camouflage themselves?

    I've read that octopus are colour blind. If so, how can they so reliably match their background colours when they camouflage themselves? Also, they make coloured displays to each other, like red for aggression/anger.



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