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Mon, 18th Jul 2016

A Dog's Life: Intelligence and Inbreeding

DOG (c)

The Naked Scientists bring you a 'ruff' guide to dogs! We chart the ancient origins of our favourite pets, examine how smart dogs could provide clues into human disease and explore the science behind the problems caused by years of inbreeding. Plus, news of why it's not just redheads who are more at risk from the sunny weather, and does Pokemon Go mark a new frontier in gaming?

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  • 46:50 - How smart is your dog?

    Could clever canines hold the key to understanding Alzheimer's disease?

  • 54:18 - How did the moon get its markings?

    Hi there... I would like to know the moon orbiting around the earth, the same side facing the earth and earth's gravity greater than the moon how did the moon get its pockmarks from the side facing earth...



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