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Mon, 8th Aug 2016

Do Fish Fart?

Gold fish (c)  Benson Kua

From farting fish to the link between diet and cancer, Kat Arney and Chris Smith take on your questions with Matt Middleton, Giles Yeo and Eleanor Drinkwater...

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  • 05:09 - What would happen if I flew through a gravitational wave?

    Hi, Im a huge fan of your show. I have a question. If two blackholes collide and there is a ripple of time in space, what would happen if you flew through it? And what other situations can change time itself?

  • 07:41 - How long does zika remain active?

    Hi Chris and team, your podcasts are terrific! I especially like your Q&A episodes. This time around I do have a question. We've heard how the Zika virus is a risk to pregnant women - but how long does the virus remain active for women who might become pregnant? Is that somet...

  • 10:18 - Is obesity genetic?

    Is there such thing as inheritance of obesity, or the tendency to become overweight? If there is a gene that has some control over weight, can external factors change the dominance/expression of your parents' alleles in you? For example, if your mother is a large woman and your f...

  • 14:01 - How does metabolism change?

    How does metabolism change when eating a very low calorie diet?

  • 15:45 - Do snakes bond with their care givers?

    Do reptiles show recognition or bonding to caregivers? What about amphibians? Is the preference of a particular caregiver something unique to mammals, or is it related to intelligence level rather than type of animal? If a snake had a blond, 5'4, and slender caregiver named Anna,...

  • 17:27 - How many genes do humans share?

    I know that humans generally share 99% of our genes. With 25,000 genes, that means we differ by only 250 genes. It seems to me that we cannot possibly differ by the same 250 genes since mutation, random assortment and crossing over are all random processes. Thus, my question is, ...

  • 20:30 - Why does Venus have an atmosphere?

    It has not been explained to me why Venus has still got an atmosphere. Mars has lost its, no magnetosphere, but Venus is the same, so therefore it must be restored each time it is lost! Thank you for your interesting programme.

  • 23:11 - Is our overconsuption of sugar an evolutionary hangover?

    Given the ever increasing amount of evidence that sugar (in particular fructose) is largely responsible for the worlds obesity epidemic. A thought occurred to me. I have read that fructose in humans is metabolised to fat and little else. Fructose is particularly sweet almost a...

  • 26:33 - Do fish fart?

    Here's a good question of the week: Do fishes fart? For some strange reason this thought came to mind while I was in my bath. As a physician I know that human flatulence comes from two sources: swallowed air or gasses produced during digestion. Since fish can't swallow air, pe...

  • 28:27 - Why am I so constipated?

    Please help. I'm forever constipated. I exercise at least three times a week, I drink lots and lots of water, I eat all bran almost every morning. I dont eat white bread. The feeling of wanting to do number two never comes naturally (at all). Prunes and prune juice do not work...

  • 33:43 - How efficiently do we use calories?

    How efficiently do we use calories?

  • 35:27 - Why did I see two suns?

    Is it possible to have two suns in the sky? My husband & I were in the Norfolk, Va. area & we "BOTH" saw 2 suns also. We asked if anyone else saw it but no one did. We both know what we saw, but still don't know how to explain it? Thanks for your help.

  • 37:36 - How do bears know when to hibernate?

    I was wondering, do bears feel hibernation coming on slowly like we feel when we get sleepy at night or do they make a conscious decision, and once in a suitable den just switch it on? I live in Squamish, BC, Canada. We have a large black bear population and sightings are common....

  • 40:01 - Could a vegan diet prevent cancer?

    My friend told me that T. Colin Campbell has conducted a study and proven that a vegan diet will prevent a plethora of cancers and diseases.  One protein in particular is especially harmful - casein - but isn't casein in breast milk and essential for babies?  Can you comm...

  • 43:54 - Can varicose veins be prevented?

    What research is available regarding varicose veins? Why does it happen and can you prevent it? Is there any research that indicates dietary influence on venuous function?

  • 47:20 - Are dairy and alcohol intolerance linked?

    I have a question about intolerance to dairy and alcohol. I've read that the gene for digesting dairy products is on chromosome 2 whilst the gene for metabolising alcohol is on chromosome 12. If these aren't linked, why do both of these intolerances often tend to occur simultaneo...

  • 50:10 - Do birds go somewhere to die?

    I would like to know where birds go to die? The only dead birds I have seen are from road kill, a cat/dog's kill or a baby bird that fell out of the nest.

  • 51:49 - Could I see the end of the Universe?

    I have been listening to the Naked Science podcast for the past few years and have become a fan. Many thanks to you and all your guests for discussing science in such an interesting manner. I am always looking forward to what your next episode brings. My question for you is ...

  • 54:00 - How easy is it to pursue a science career later in life?

    I currently work in the public sector but learned later in life that my real passion is in the sciences. I'm considering reentering university to pursue a science degree. In all of the science podcasts and media I consume, I don't hear much about people entering sciences as a sec...



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