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Mon, 19th Sep 2016

Mapping the Milky Way

The Milky Way (c) Chris Dick @ Flickr

This week - Cambridge’s key role in the mission to map the Milky Way! We learn how the Gaia space telescope is pinpointing the positions of a billion stars in our galaxy.

Plus, news of a net which will leave mozzies dead or infertile, the DNA double-double helix discovery, and can the moon cause earthquakes?

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  • 01:10 - Boosting bed nets

    New chemicals on bed nets could beat resistance in malaria carrying mosquitoes.

  • 05:44 - DNA quadruple helix

    Could DNA quadruple helices be causing abnormal cell growth in cancer?

  • 21:36 - Pacman protein

    New research from The University of Sheffield shows how we all have our own biological Pacmen.

  • 27:23 - Are earthquakes tidal?

    Could the phases of the moon affect earthquakes?

  • 31:20 - Going for Gaia

    What is the Gaia mission and how did it come about in the first place?

  • 39:02 - Gaia part 1

    Part 1 of George Seabroke's poem Gaia.

  • 39:45 - Making Gaia

    What are the instruments on board Gaia and how do they work?

  • 44:57 - A deluge of data

    What will happen to all the data that has been collected by Gaia?

  • 55:51 - Do animals exhibit placebo effects?

    When animal drugs testing is reported, they often compare the efficacy of an active drug to that of a placebo. I have always wondered whether there are any examples of animals actually exhibiting placebo effects (perhaps more intelligent mammals) or whether these reports should m...



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