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    Botox, Anybody?

    Fri, 20th Feb 2015

    Botox injections in the nervous system, keeping brain tissue alive, and the shifting ...

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    Criminal Minds?

    Fri, 20th Mar 2015

    What power does science have? We explore the influence of neuroscience in the courtrooms. ...

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    Blame the Brain?

    Wed, 19th Nov 2014

    Putting the brain on trial: did your brain make you do it? Neuroscience in the courtroom e...

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    Robots in Society

    Tue, 18th Nov 2014

    Meet Brian, the robot programmed to help look after the elderly. Plus we explore the ...

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    Teenage Kicks on the Brain

    Thu, 18th Sep 2014

    Does smoking dope decrease your potential for pleasure? How the simple act of dieting can ...

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    A Wired Society

    Tue, 19th Aug 2014

    Memory boosting drugs, the military, the legal system and enhancing athletes mental focus....

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    Addressing Autism

    Mon, 19th May 2014

    Could environmental pollutants play a role?  Why is autism sometimes thought of as si...

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    Inside Alzheimer's

    Sat, 19th Apr 2014

    How are memories formed and lost? Is Alzheimer’s just an extreme version of normal ageing?...

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