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Fri, 14th Dec 2012

The Genetics of Brain and Behaviour

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Could genetics pave the way for developing schizophrenia or Alzheimer ’s disease? Is there a genetic link between optimism and obesity? Is it ethical to screen people's DNA? Plus we find out what a nap might do for your memory, how a new study is turning addiction treatment on its head and we unravel what it means to be human. Plus we unzip whether DNA might make for an extremely high IQ!

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  • A Researchers Pick of Neuroscience News

    Brain tumours uncovered, enhancing memory whilst you nap and what learning a language does to your brain.....

  • Neuroscience News Flash

    Are you gleefully gargantuan? Turning addiction on it's head, unravelling what it means to be human, and boosting brain power with a diabetic drug already on the market.

  • Stripping down Schizophrenia

    Should we be genetically screen people for schizophrenia and start treatment before symptoms emerge? We discuss the science and ethical implications with psychiatrists, patients and researchers.

  • What keeps a Professor up at night?

    The growing area of resilience is keeping a Professor excited and up at night.

  • Is Alzheimer's genetic?

    I came across something a few months ago about Alzheimer's and leaky blood vessels in the brain. Is this a genetic thing? And if so, might it be reversible and what are the hereditary factors?” so Paul adds that he’s got a personal interest as his dad had Alzheimer's.

  • Genes just for the brain?

    “do we know how many genes are expressed in the brain and is there an overlap with the genes that are expressed elsewhere in the body?”

  • Genes for intelligence?

    “What makes us more intelligent? Do we know of any specific physical or genetic differences found in individuals who have very high IQs?”

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