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Sun, 20th Jan 2013

Probing Parkinson's

PET Image of the human brain showing energy consumption (c) Damato

Why are researchers punching into people’s skin if they are on a quest for knowledge about the brain? What does the birth of new brain cells do for memory? Plus can a ‘tumour paint’ be developed to help beat brain cancer? And can we shed those post Christmas extra inches by doing difficult maths problems, instead of hitting the treadmill?


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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience - BNA sponsored

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  • 01:03 - What is Parkinson's?

    Kick-starting the programme, I went in search of answers about Parkinson's disease. First up, I wanted to get some idea of how many people it affects and how.

  • 15:53 - Newborn neurones and newborn babies

    Switching on the birth of brain cells and boosting memory formation, brain size at birth and behaviour decades down the line, and treating Alzheimer's Disease with a drug designed for diabetes....

  • 21:12 - All ears, brown eyes and glowing cancer

    Restoring hearing, brown eyed people perceived as more trustworthy, and scorpion venom paves the way for brain tumour treatment

  • 23:31 - Maths to lose weight?

    “Can you burn off a hot fudge sundae by doing a difficult math problem instead of hitting the treadmill?”

  • From Skin Cells to Brain Cells

    We find out why researchers are punching into people's skin if they are on a quest to understand more about the brain in Parkinson's Disease.

  • How does Parkinson's affect you?

    To find out what somebody affected by Parkinson's thinks of Martin's research, and to discover how Parkinson's affects their life, I took to the phone…

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