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Wed, 20th Mar 2013

Getting Lost! Navigating the Brain

A Political and Physical Worldmap from end of 2005. (c) Benji2 @ wikipedia

Combining virtual reality and treadmills to map navigation in the brain. We ask how starlings flock in such a synchronised murmuration. And in the news, inducing creativity by electrically tweaking human brains, how video games could help national security, plus we find out what’s been keeping Professor Gage up all night!

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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience - BNA sponsored

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  • 11:12 - How do birds fly in a flock?

    Beautiful Murmurations - so flocks of starlings flying in the sky. I'd be really keen to understand it a bit more. When I look at the starlings as one moves, the others do to. But how does this murmuration of sometimes thousands of starlings seem to move so gracefully and in such...

  • 12:22 - Picking out features in a crowd

    Playing action-based video games can improve your ability to your ability to pick out features in a crowd, new research shows.

  • 28:05 - What keeps a Californian Prof up?

    And closing this month’s show, Professor Fred Gage from the Salk Institute California describes what's been keeping him up all night.

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