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Sun, 19th May 2013

Music and the Mind!

(c) Ben Valsler

Infected by earworms, does Mozart make you smarter, plus are creativity and delusions linked?

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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience - BNA sponsored

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  • 00:00 - Why are song lyrics so easy to memorise?

    Beck Hanson got in touch to ask ‘why can she recall lyrics from a song that she hasn’t heard for years and even poetry but she can’t remember words from books?

  • 04:32 - Contagious earworms!

    What happens in your head when you listen to music? Plus earworms! Why are 1 in 6 people regularly infected by annoying songs on loop?

  • 20:24 - How does individuality develop?

    The more you explore your environment, the higher the rate of new brain cell birth in your hippocampus. Well, for mice, anyway.

  • 23:44 - Seeing music everywhere

    Is it possible to start seeing music everywhere? And if so, why and how does this happen? Case studies by Oliver Sacks.

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