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Tue, 4th Jun 2013

From Russia with Love

Lake Baikal (c) de:Benutzer:Sansculotte

From Russia with Love! Reporting from Lake Baikal in Siberia, in this special episode, how Russian neuroscience is getting a colossal injection of cash from the government, how nicotine switches off attention in the teenage brain, plus, a visit to a Russian sauna for a birch leaf whipping.....

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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience - BNA sponsored

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  • 00:00 - Settling into Siberia

    From Irkutsk neuroscientists took a holiday to get over the jetlag and relax before the science began.

  • 03:57 - Why Russia?

    Why would two Scottish based neuroscientists organise a conference in Siberia? What are the Russian strengths in science?

  • 08:15 - A Russian Research Renaissance?

    How Russian neuroscience research is getting a collosal injection of cash from the government.

  • 16:59 - Your First and Last Memories

    Dr Rosamund Langston, Dundee University, taking a twist with neuroscience, looking at infants to better understand brain diseases in old age

  • 25:12 - Nicotine affecting Attention

    Moving from infant brain development to the teenage brain, with a shock finding on how nicotine in cigarettes affects attention.

  • 33:29 - Birch Leaves in the Banya

    Immersing my self in Russian culture: the banya and getting whipped with birch leaves.....

  • 39:19 - Studying the Human Brain in a Dish

    Are human and rodent brains similar? Can you take live human brain tissue, slice it, and study it in the dish to find out?

  • 51:09 - Would you Return to Russia?

    Natalia spoke earlier about growing up and studying in St Petersburg, and her current work in Europe. Would she ever return to Russia?

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