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Wed, 19th Jun 2013

Are you Addicted?

Goat (c) Rubelbee

Recovering from alcoholism via community creativity, goats high on psychedelics, cheeky monkeys on mojitos, and can expectant mothers drink?

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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience - BNA sponsored

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  • 00:00 - Can science combat stigma?

    We’ve all seen headlines about addiction, whether it be to the internet, food, or drugs of abuse. We get a scientists perspective...

  • 02:37 - Why do only some people get addicted?

    Why do some people get addicted and others not? How do people get addicted in the first place and why can't they just stop? I'm looking forward to hearing this episode!

  • 12:17 - Do other animals get addicted?

    Do other animals also get addicted? It is said that mountain goats will grind their teeth off to eat a certain kind of lichen off of rocks. The addictive nature of lichen for the goats, does this compare to the cerebral addiction in humans to plants?

  • 15:01 - Killing off pain

    Using a new system to help beat addiction to painkillers.

  • 25:22 - How are food and cocaine linked?

    And closing this month’s show, Dr Karen Ersche describes her new finding, and how it keeps her motivated to continue research.

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