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Wed, 20th Nov 2013

Bombing the Brain

Army Helmets (c) Flikker

Neurochemical warfare, how serving in Afghanistan can leave mental scars plus brainwashing to tweak belief systems.

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  • 00:00 - The medal of honour

    Military life can leave mental scars in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). President Obama highlights the stigma surrounding this.

  • 03:58 - Fighting post traumatic stress disorder

    Captain Mark Lyndhurst served in Afghanistan and describes how the experience has left scars.

  • 11:59 - Can we prevent PTSD?

    What can feasibly be done to prevent post traumatic stress, i.e. do we know enough about the brain processes involved to inoculate or intervene? How can the military use neuroscience to screen and allocate personnel?

  • 14:51 - How does Ecstasy help treat PTSD?

    How does MDMA affect the brain circuitry and memory in soldiers with PTSD during psychotherapy? Current successful trials of MDMA use in treatment-resistant PTSD analyse data up to six years after use but is this period long enough to confirm that the drug was effective? W...

  • 17:42 - Honey trap

    Putting military neuroscience into historical context: chemical warfare committed by the Greeks some 2300 yrs ago with an ancient honey trap

  • 19:48 - Combating civilian chemical warfare

    The nerve toxin Serin, mustard gas and how best to protect civilians and medical personel on site.

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