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Naked Neuroscience - BNA sponsored episode

Mon, 20th Jan 2014

Naked Neuroscience, Down Under

Milford Sound, New Zealand (c)

New Zealand adventures with sheep, finding the Huntington's gene, developing new therapies for the brain and unravelling its complexities.

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In this edition of Naked Neuroscience - BNA sponsored

Full Transcript

  • 06:40 - Hollywood steps in

    A family from Hollywood sets off on a quest to identify the gene responsible for Huntington's, changing the face of psychiatry.

  • 09:54 - Identifying the Huntington's Gene

    How scientists and families affected worked to identify the gene responsible for Huntington's Disease.

  • 15:28 - Scientists studying sheep?

    Can you find out how the human brain works by studying sheep? And look at sheep to develop a treatment for Huntington's? We find out!

  • 16:59 - How intelligent are sheep?

    Professor Jenny Morton discusses the similarities between sheep and teenagers, and how she's taught sheep to kick a football about.

  • 25:54 - Mysteries of the Mind

    How researching Huntington’s Disease is also helping us to grasp the incredible scale of complexity of the human brain.

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