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Mon, 24th Feb 2014

Brainy Babies!

Baby (c) Emma and Dave Weatherup

Should you raise your baby to be bilingual? Are video games rotting or rejuvenating children's brains? We find out! Plus in the news, personalised breast milk, modelling the brain with computers, how crude oil spills affect tuna and the next step towards nuclear fusion.

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  • 01:30 - Personalised breast milk

    Breast milk varies hugely from mother to mother but researchers now think that different milk is produced for boys and girls!

  • 04:27 - Modelling the brain

    Researchers have begun to model the brain using a computer but they'd need a power station to model the whole thing!

  • 08:42 - Marius the Giraffe

    A young, physically healthy giraffe called Marius in a zoo in Copenhagen was put down. We try to understand why.

  • 10:53 - How oil spills affect Tuna

    How do large oil spills such as the Deepwater Horizon disaster impact Tuna fish?

  • 22:39 - 'Motherese' Melody

    How do children learn language and why is 'motherese', the sing song voice we speak to children in, important?

  • 27:30 - Speaking quicker from birth

    Why do some children's language skills progress more quickly than others? And could a child's background shape this?

  • 50:12 - How do you become a scientist?

    How do you become a scientist?

  • 51:24 - Why do we have "handedness"?

    Why are people either right-handed or left-handed? What possible benefit does that have over being ambidextrous? I find I am right-handed, right-footed, and even right-eyed! When I wore single-muff headsets on my job, though, I preferred them on my left ear and not my right, so t...



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