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Mon, 19th May 2014

Addressing Autism

Baby with DNA (c) Anna Middleton, Wellcome Trust

Could environmental pollutants play a role?  Why is autism sometimes thought of as simply extreme male behaviours?  And since genetics are involved, could you diagnose newly born babies and start treating? We get to grips with this often misunderstood condition with support from Cambridge Neuroscience. 

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  • 00:59 - Autism Awareness

    Getting us to grips with this often misunderstood condition heres the Naked Scientists Quick Fire Science, Im joined by Kate Lamble..

  • 03:34 - How does autism affect you?

    To find out how this very heterogenous condition affects one person, I spoke with 27 year old Robyn Steward.

  • 10:23 - The brain biology of the autism

    Debunking the myth environmental pollutants play a role, asking how testosterone shapes the brain in the womb, and could you screen babies?

  • 24:06 - Helping children with autism

    Given there is no biological treatment available, how best to help those children affected by autism, both at school and in the home?



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Thanks for the podcast! Final web link in transcript has a typo - should be Simon Longley, Tue, 24th Jun 2014

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