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Thu, 19th Jun 2014

Can chocolate make you happy?

Yoga by the sea (c) Ian Bothwell, Flikker

Beat anxiety, form healthy habits and induce a happy state of mind. We open our minds by tackling your questions with our panel including Dr Roger Kingerlee, Chartered Psychologist, Liz Fraser founder of Headcase and Cambridge Neuroscientists Dr Martin O'Neill and Katie Manning.



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  • 36:31 - How best to treat OCD?

    What is the ideal treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)? What happens in the brain when someone has OCD?

  • 40:33 - Do we have conscious control of our brains?

    Do we only use 10 % of our brains? And how much of our brains do we have access to conscious control over? What's the ratio of autopilot to consciousness?

  • 43:14 - Why do I hear things that aren't there?

    I'm a music composer and there are times when I am relaxed, just about to go to sleep, and have no distractions in the room, I can bring sounds and voices and music to my ears. The sound is so clear that it is almost having headphones or a person right next to me. The noise is di...

  • 48:35 - Do we have free will or is life determined?

    What are your thoughts on free will? Do we have the freedom to make choices or is life already pre-determined?



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