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Thu, 18th Sep 2014

Teenage Kicks on the Brain

Teenage Kicks (c)  James Offer, Nifty street art in Brussels, on Flickr

Does smoking dope decrease your potential for pleasure? How the simple act of dieting can rewire the brain, and a blood test for depression. We report from the British Association for Psychopharmacology 2014 Forum...

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  • 03:03 - Uncovering schizophrenia through skin

    Can skin cells help us to unravel the complexity of the schizophrenic brain? New research routes and the hope for better treatments.....

  • 08:47 - Cannabis rewires the brain

    Is smoking cannibis linked to psychosis? And how it can rewire the brain making it susceptible to depression and apathy.

  • 16:17 - How to prevent teenage depression?

    Suicide is the leading cause of teenage death, after car accidents. So, how best to diagnose and treat depression in adolescence?

  • US-Navy Storekeeper 3rd Class Robert Franke donates blood (c) Michael Buslovich

    23:32 - Blood biomarkers to diagnose depression?

    The first blood test to help diagnose major depression in adults has been developed




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