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Sat, 9th Jun 2012

Can we create a living organism from basic elements?

Test tube over bunsen burner. (c) Pål Berge

We find out if we can create life by heating up some basic chemicals. Plus we ask, why do women live longer than men?

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  • Can we create a living organism from basic elements?

    Hi Chris and other scientists. I listen to your podcast weekly. Love them. Has there been any progress in creating a living organism from basic elements (CHONPS) and some heat? Seems like with so many advances in human biology, science should be able to produce a simple organism...



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rather nice question, found a article about birds finding there way with chemical reactions influenced bij magnetism so the answer is yes butt the reaction would have to be very specific. It's not so that you can influence any reaction by using magnetism. wim, Mon, 13th Feb 2006

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