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Wed, 10th Jul 2013

Power from Poo?

Bristol stool chart (c) Kyle Thompson, JP Brettle

Can we get power from poo? We get excited over excrement!

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Yes.. There are quite a few ways..

Digesting bacteria will reduce it to methane that is collected and burned..

It can be burned it self..

You can fertilise things with it to grow stuff to be burned

SimpleEngineer, Thu, 17th Oct 2013

As has been the practice in sewage plants for the last 150 years at least. Methane-powered pumps have been around for ages, and the salads offered on sewage plant open days (at least before privatisation) were amazing. alancalverd, Sun, 20th Oct 2013

Someone needs to get out more... the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been subsidising a major competition for the last few years: The Reinvent The Toilet Challenge - seriously; the winners were announced last year and several of the entries involved power generation. California Institute of Technology in the United States received the $100,000 first prize for designing a solar-powered toilet that generates hydrogen and electricity. dlorde, Tue, 22nd Oct 2013

Rural people in developing countries have used sewage biogas generators for decades.

Do-It-Yourself Methane Generator Lmnre, Wed, 23rd Oct 2013

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