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Mon, 23rd Feb 2015

Why do I urinate more in the cold?

Yellow Snow (c)

Have you ever noticed that you urinate more frequently in cold weather? Why does this happen? Dr Matthew Mason from the University of Cambridge reveals all... 

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Because we do not sweat as much in the winter.  Sweating is another way for the body to get rid of liquid waste.  That's why we don't pee as much in summer (check that one out, as well).  My doctor told me we get rid of water waste by peeing, pooping, talking and breathing. Dave The Rave, Tue, 24th Feb 2015

There is something called cold induced diuresis. Sudden temperature changes can cause the urge to urinate, and the theory is that constriction in blood vessels raises the mean arterial pressure and causes and the kidneys release more filtrate into the bladder. Every mom knows this. You put snowsuit, hat, mittens, scarves, boots on your child, send him out to play in the snow. Five minutes later he's back and says "I have to pee" and you have have to take everything back off. cheryl j, Tue, 24th Feb 2015

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