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Sun, 19th Jul 2015

How much of a wheat field do I need to make one loaf of bread?

wheat (c) Myrabella

This week Amy Goodfellow took a trip to the country to answer Jerry's question about how much bread it takes to make a wholemeal loaf. She spoke to Andrew Whitley, the co-founder of the Real Bread Campaign...

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"And what are we to eat oursells then, father," asked Jenny, "when we hae sent awa the haill meal in the ark and the girnel?"
"We maun gar wheat-flour serve us for a blink," said Niel, in a tone of resignation; "it's no that ill food, though far frae being sae hearty or kindly to a Scotchman's stamach as the curney aitmeal is; the Englishers live amaist upon't; but, to be sure, the pock-puddings ken nae better."

Old Mortality, Chapter XX Pecos_Bill, Mon, 3rd Aug 2015

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