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Mon, 23rd Nov 2015

How can I stop a runny nose?

snotty nose  (c)  William Brawley

Winter is coming and with it comes a runny nose but how can we stop a snotty hooter? Listener Amanda was keen to nose the answer, so Felicity Bedford spoke to GP Adam Forman to find out...

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If your nose runs and your feet smell, you have a serious anatomical problem.

I'll get my coat..... alancalverd, Sat, 26th Sep 2015

I will give you my best answer without exploiting your distress for a cheap laugh. I am currently getting over a cold while in the midst of a heat wave. Hardly seem fair does it?

Your nose is running as part of your body's effort to defend itself. In the case of an allergic reaction then the way to stop it is to deal with the allergy.

If, as me, you are in dubious battel with a cold virus your nose is running so you don't get pneumonia and drop off the twig. The snot is flowing because it contains antibodies from the humoral arm of your immune system. IgA is in the first line of shock troops. The snot also mechanically removes virus particles so they can attack the other people on the tube.

Stopping the snot is ill-advised. It will stop once the danger is over. Until then take steamy showers, drink Labsong souchong tea for hydration, and be sure to go in to work because the boss deserves a case of that stuff too. if the snot turns green or you get a fever you should phone your doctor

Pecos_Bill has a bright red bandana to blow his nose with. He has stayed home today so he can rest and annoy despicable people.  Yippie-Ki-Yi-Yay!

Upon reflection and another half liter of Labsang tea, I note that you have sinus trouble, if that is previously diagnosed - and not your personal impression - and if you are too messed up to work, I would request a consult from EENT or whatever they call the critters in England. If you haven't been previously diagnosed then I would take another week's time to see if it doesn't improve.

Always assuming that you can avoid tobacco smoke and stuff like that. if you can't avoid it. then I'm afraid you may well just need to learn to whistle. Pecos_Bill, Sat, 26th Sep 2015

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