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Mon, 7th Dec 2015

If polar bears were transported to Antarctica, would they thrive?

Polar bear (c) Alan D Wilson

Reduced sea ice is threatening polar bears in the Arctic. Listener Kevin wanted to know if they would thrive at the south pole instead?

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Polar Bears would eat Penguins for breakfast. evan_au, Thu, 3rd Dec 2015

And lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper! Ophiolite, Fri, 4th Dec 2015

After the entree, then its time to drive the seals to extinction.... evan_au, Fri, 4th Dec 2015

Only polar antibears would thrive in antarctica. Atomic-S, Sun, 6th Dec 2015

Unintended consequences is they would become bipolar bears. Sam Juno, Thu, 10th Dec 2015

Penguins have been relocated north ...

RD, Thu, 10th Dec 2015

Polar bears can live in Antarctic, and they can be regulated with hunters. Polar bears are much more useful prey that penguins. YarS, Sat, 2nd Jul 2016

I have to agree that polar bears would probably do fine in Antarctica, but penguins would go extinct and the seal & walrus populations would be depleted. Could they be contained, via constant monitoring and kept within limited ranges? Seems very dangerous. The penguin rookeries and their routes to shore would need to be kept bear-free. Once the penguins are in the water, the only predators they'd need to worry about are Orca & sharks. Polar bears would be prey to Orca, too.

Seems too risky, but good effort! We need to find some way to save the Polar Bear. AndroidNeox, Fri, 15th Jul 2016

Why do we always want to interfere with evolution? polar bears have evolved to suit the artic climate if the climate changes the bears will go that's how nature works, if conservationist had their way we would be knee deep in dinosaurs! syhprum, Wed, 2nd Nov 2016

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