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Thu, 1st Jan 1970

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  • Mind Boggling Bog Bodies

    A mummified body known as the Cashel man was recently found to be the oldest so called ‘bog body’ with intact skin anywhere in the world.

  • Super Microscope Watches Living Brain Cells

    A clever “super-resolution” microscope has allowed researchers to observe changes in a single neuron in the brain of a live mouse. The exceptional level of detail even showed protrusions called dendritic spines moving and changing shape...

  • Fooling the Brain with Diet Foods

    Could diet foods be making you fat? We investigate whether low calorie foods such as sweeteners and low fat alternatives can fool our brains into underestimating the energy content of the full fat versions...

  • The Tidal Clock Keeping Marine Life Safe

    Researchers at the Universities of Aberystwyth and Cambridge have discovered a marine animal that has a tidal clock as well as a body clock

  • Elephants in the Outback

    Introducing new species has proved disasterous for the Australian ecosystem. So it's no wonder that ecologist David Bowman has met controversy with his suggestion that, to stablise the system, we may need to introduce even more...

  • On-Site Nose Reconstruction

    A Chinese man looks like he has a nose growing on his forehead after surgeons worked to replace his nose damaged in an accident...

  • Experiencing Narcolepsy

    One serious sleep disorder is narcolepsy; sufferers regularly fall asleep because they can’t regulate their sleep patterns...

  • New Ways to Monitor Diabetes

    We explore how chemists at the University of Bristol are finding new molecules to monitor and treat diabetes...

  • Do our cravings reflect a lack of certain nutrients in the body?

    I have read that the digestive system monitors food for the presence of certain nutrients and will encourage the brain to desire food until the need is met. Is this consensus science and if so which nutrients are involved?

  • How much of me is the original me?

    I am 57 years old. Do I have any original parts? In other words, how much of the baby that was born in 1954 is still part of me? Also, how much of the 18-year-old teenager that I once was is still with me? Do my soft tissues cycle out over time? What about bones, nerves and brain...

  • Is it possible not to dream in months?

    I use to dream but I not sure if I still do or just cannot remember in the morning. Is it possible not to dream in months?

  • Why are dreams so often forgotten?

    I was just wondering Jason, when I dream, I obviously have experiences and we heard from Mic earlier saying that sleep is all about consolidating memories. So, why are dreams so often forgotten? Why are they so hard to remember and how do I know that they were dreams, they weren’...

  • Does the moon cycle affect human physiology?

    I heard you on ABC Breakfast talking of the full moon effect. I have suffered in no small way from it all my life and medicate myself to sleep in a full moon, otherwise I don't sleep. As an engineer and science interested person I have thought a lot about this phenomenon and have...



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