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Sun, 18th Dec 2011

What Colour is a Dead Chameleon?

Cape Chameleon (c) Charlesjsharp @ Wikipedia

Are candles environmentally unfriendly? Why does tinfoil touching a filling set my teeth on edge? What colour does a dead chameleon go? Does antiperspirant deodorant make you sweat more elsewhere? Could we tether the moon on a string to stop it escaping? And why is the fine spray in the shower so cold? To find out, join Chris, Dave, Dominic and Helen for this festive Christmas edition of the Naked Scientists, which also sees the team connecting an oven shelf to their heads and a musical Higgs Boson-inspired interlude from Professor Karmadillo...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 27:40 - Walking on the Seabed, Miniature Steam engines and Cool Mosquitoes

    We explore how African lungfish are providing insight into the evolution of walking, the design of the world's smallest steam engine, how birds tweet at a higher pitch to be heard in the city and reveal just how mosquitoes keep their cool...

  • 34:39 - Why does the rainbow sometimes seem to end?

    I have been fortunate on a number of occasions to be fairly close to the end of a rainbow, 300 or 400 meters away, where you can see the actual end of the rainbow striking the ground. If you look through it to see objects behind, you can see clearly that the coloured lines are ...

  • 55:15 - The Secret Sounds of the Oven Shelf

    The kitchen has always seemed an unlikely place to find a musical instrument - until now. This week Derek and Dave are with Matt and Nick at Hinchingbrooke School in search of the hidden harmonies of the oven shelf. Prepare to be amazed!

  • 59:02 - Could we engineer Rudolph the Green-nosed Reindeer?

    With the discovery of bioluminescence and fluorescent proteins, could we theoretically genetically engineer a reindeer so it could have a glowing green nose? What do you think?

  • 60:07 - Why do my feet look farther away when lying down?

    Hello Naked Scientists, When I lay down, my feet appear farther away from me compared to when I am standing up.  I wear contacts during the day and glasses during the evening.  Could this be a product of my corrective eyewear or a manifestation of my brain due to different vis...

  • 63:15 - A Festive Treat from Professor Karmadillo!

    We were joined by Professor Karmadillo, with a festive musical take on the recent news from CERN that they have seen tantalising hints of the existence of the Higg's Boson...



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