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Sun, 8th Jan 2006

Obesity, Appetite, Exercise and Weight Loss

With the indulgences of Christmas behind us, Prof. Steve O'Rahilly from Cambridge University aims to shed some light on shedding a few pounds, as he discusses the science of appetite, obesity and weight loss, Prof. Len Almond from Loughborough University describes the role of exercise in losing weight, Prof. John O'Doherty from the California Institute of Technology talks about what happens in the brain when we choose our favourite food brand, Drs. Jane Visvader and Connie Eaves describe their discovery of the breast stem cell, and Derek and Dave find out what cream and paint have in common in Kitchen Science.

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  • Butter from cream

    FInd out what happens to cream if you whip it, and the consequences of whipping it slightly too much.



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