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Sat, 3rd Jun 2006

Oil, Fuel Cells and Alternative Energy

Oilseed rape (c)  Germanywx @ Wikimedia

Powering the generators for this week's show on energy is Dr Nicky White from the Bullard Laboratories at Cambridge University, who describes how oil is formed, how we find and extract oil, and how long oil supplies will last; Professor Lynne Macaskie from Birmingham University discusses how fuel cells can be run on hydrogen gas created by bacteria mixed with sugary waste from the confectionery industry; and Peter Hughes from Hughes Research Ltd. explains how his Electro-Kinetic Road Ramp could soon be powering your local street lamps. In Science Update, Bob and Chelsea reveal how llama spit can be used to spot the ultimate power-up, caffeine, and in Kitchen Science Derek Thorne and Chris Muirhead from Birmingham University reveal a low energy method for chopping your vegetables...


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  • Freezing Objects in Liquid Nitrogen

    Derek and Chris cool down various objects down to about -196°C and discover their properties have radically changed.



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