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Sat, 16th Sep 2006

Peruvian Mummies, Ancient Environments and the Sahara


Explaining how science can help us dig up the past is Dr Lawrence Owens from Birkbeck College, who uses teeth and bones to uncover the life and sometimes gruesome death of mummies in Peru and Bolvia, and Dr Harriet Allen from Cambridge University describes how the pollen record and layers of lake sedimentation can reveal what the environment was like 10 000 years ago. Also on the show, Dr Nick Brooks from the University of East Anglia talks about how climate change in the Sahara may have given rise to complex human societies, and taking us back even further in human evolution is Professor Clive Finlayson from the Opens internal link in current windowGibraltar Museum, who discusses how a new fossil discovery shows that Neanderthals were alive and kicking in Gibraltar well after the arrival of modern humans. Leaving the past behind them in Kitchen Science, Derek and Dave make their very own futuristic forcefield.

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  • How to make a forcefield

    This week Derek and Dave are venturing bravely into the future to make their very own forcefield. Providing the man power to do it are Matthew and Robbie from Campers Playscheme, which is held at Hunsbury Park Primary School.



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