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Sat, 28th Oct 2006

Superconductivity and Cooling Devices

This week we take a look at some supercool science, as Dr Tim Jackson from Birmingham University describes how superconductors work, what they are, and how superconductors are helping astronomers get a clearer view of the universe. Also on the show, Dr Ed Tarte from Birmingham University will discuss applications of superconductors and SQUIDS in the non-invasive discovery of heart defects and observing brain activity in the unborn foetus, and Science Graduate of the Year Alex Mischenko talks about his new environmentally friendly cooling device. In Kitchen Science, Derek Thorne and Professor Ted Forgan show superconductivity in action with a frying pan, some liquid nitrogen and a very strong magnet...

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  • How can an egg be inside another egg?

    I cracked open a large chicken egg this morning and out came the white, an egg yolk, and another fully-formed shelled egg. Any thoughts on why this happened?

  • Gasses from water

    I've come across a website for a gas made using water, that ignites but is not hydrogen. I was wondering what your take was on this.

  • Why does the moon look larger on the horizon?

    Why does the moon look larger on the horizon?

  • How does cat saliva cause allergies?

    In your programme about allergies, you mentioned that the cause of cat allergy is the saliva in their skin. Could you please clarify whether this means saliva when a person is licked by a cat, by petting the cat after they've licked themselves, or a secretion from their skin with...

  • Frying pans and Levitation

    This week Derek Thorne is with Professor Ted Forgan from Birmingham University and student helpers Cathy and Dan from Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge. They're going to be using a frying pan and some liquid nitrogen to demonstrate the science of superconductivity.



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