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Sun, 21st Jan 2007

Alternative Energy, Climate Change and Carbon Capture

Drilling an Ice Core (c) British Antarctic Survey

Following this week's crazy weather Dr Chris and Dr Helen have a look at Climate Change. Eric Wolff from the British Antarctic Survey tells us what secrets about our climate are locked away in ancient ice, Jon Gibbins from Imperial College tells us about ways we can store all that excess carbon dioxide underground, and Ali talks to Alison Hill from the British Wind Energy Association and Max Carcas from Ocean Power Delivery about wind energy and wave energy. Derek Thorne, Dave Ansell and Ali Webb try to discover how much power we could generate by hooking the country's gyms to the electricity grid.

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  • Climate Change and Ice Cores

    Eric Wolff has been studying the ancient atmosphere trapped in an ice core, and how it affects our understanding of the environment.

  • Renewable Energy

    Ali looks into wind energy, both onshore and offshore along with the new technology of wave power.

  • How does volcano and industry pollution compare?

    With so many active volcanoes around the world how does the pollution from industry over the last 150 years compare with the number of things in the because of volcanoes?

  • Is the southern hemisphere cooling?

    A lot of smart people think global warming is just part of a natural trend that humans have very little influence on. One person points out the fact that it's actually getting colder in the southern atmosphere, and in Antarctica the ice sheet's thickening in places. How do you ac...

  • Why do insects legs fold when they die?

    How is it that when an insect such as a ladybird dies, it folds it's 6 legs up under itself. Why does it do that and what's the underlying mechanism?

  • Hand Cranked Generator (c) Ali

    The Science of Energy in the Gym

    If you've ever wondered how much energy you are capable of putting using your own body and whether that's enough to power the appliances around you - this kitchen science is for you. This week Derek, Dave and Ali are in a gym trying to investigate how many houses Ali can p...



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