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Sun, 18th Feb 2007

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Dr Chris and Dr Helen answer all your burning science questions, including why frost can form even when the air temperature is above zero, why hair looks darker when it's wet, why sunlight looks red through your eyelids, and whether cracking your knuckles really causes arthritis. We also talk to Chemistry World editor Mark Peplow about venomous vipers, artificial kidneys, and how LSD might be switching on hallucinations, and in Kitchen Science Anna Lacey and Dave Ansell look at some slightly safer visual effects with the help of a sodium street light.

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  • Is the universe flat, or does it just go on and on and on?

    In Middle Ages they thought the world was flat. Is the universe flat, or does it just go on and on and on, or is it a certain shape?

  • Why does

    My girlfriend and I were talking about flying in a plane and the fact that the higher you go, the colder it gets. How can this be seeing as sunshine and radiation are everywhere?

  • Why sodium street lights make things look orange

    Many people are familiar with the phrase 'as sure as eggs is eggs', but can we be as sure that orange is orange? It turns out that the answer is no, and to reveal why, Anna and Dave go to Cottenham to carry out some Kitchen Science with enthusiastic helpers Luke and Alice.



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