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Sat, 19th May 2007

Atmospheric Analysis

The Laki fissure  (c) John Grattan

Coming up this week on the Naked Scientists radio show and podcast we have some airy experts; Jonathan Shanklin (British Antarctic Survey) will be telling us how he discovered the hole in the ozone layer and how it is looking today and John Grattan (University of Wales Aberystwyth) will discuss his research on a volcanic eruption which in 1783 killed 30,000 British people.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 13:58 - A Cure for Baldness?

    George Cotsarelis, of the University of Pennsylvania speaks to Chris about how he identified the genetic pathways involved in growing hair follicles - which may lead to a cure for baldness!

  • 17:58 - Science Update: The Atmosphere

    This week Chelsea and Bob look at water in our atmosphere. Chelsea looks at why some places get too little, while Bob looks into the eye of the storm...

  • 31:35 - Laki - The Biggest Atmospheric Pollution Event in History

    The eruption of the Laki fission in Iceland in 1783 led to sulphurous smog falling over Europe. It has been described as the biggest atmospheric pollution event in history. John Grattan tells us more...

  • 40:20 - Water as a Greenhouse Gas

    Azi Khatiri spoke to Rod Jones about how water molecules pair up into a dimer - and that this can be an even worse greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide...



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