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Sat, 30th Jun 2007

The Naked Scientists Q & A Show

This week, playing bingo on an inflatable space station, a new way to attack the cause of Alzheimer's and mending a broken heart with stem cells.  Also, using bananas to speed up fruit ripening, leeches out of water and chemical tricks to stop smoking and iron out wrinkles.  Plus, in Kitchen Science we vibrate our way to a fountain in a cup!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 21:31 - Fit Fathers, Unfit Daughters

    Is 'survival of the fittest' a bit too simple? We spoke to Loeske Kruuk, whose studys show that, in Red Deer, fit fathers may not mean fit daughters.

  • 26:52 - Science Update - Babies!

    This week, Chelsea looks at making music from babies' cries, and Bob explores how babies can spot different languages, even before they can talk!

  • 57:03 - What shoud I do with leeches in my pond?

    I have found 2 leeches in my garden, we do not have a pond and live on an estate. What should I do with them, I have children, so dont want to put them back. Do you have any suggestions?? Many Thanks



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