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Sat, 28th Jul 2007

Naked Science Question & Answer Show

This week, clean coal technology - how to get the energy from coal without digging it up, why GM goats are helping to combat nerve gas attacks, and how scientists have found the 'itch' gene. We also find out why smog causes heart disease, how seafood in space can help to heal astronauts, and the weight of leaves on an average tree. Plus Drs Chris and Phil take a look at your science questions including 'tasting' music, the best way to dry your washing and can the moon affect the shapes of weather systems? In Kitchen Science Ben and Dave explain how to make a lens with a plastic bottle and some water.

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  • 24:35 - How do clouds stay up?

    I have heard that high level clouds are composed of ice crystals and mid level clouds are mainly water droplets, how are the ice crystals and the water droplets held up in the clouds if ice and water are denser than air?

  • 25:58 - Does the moon exert an influence on cloud formation?

    The moon has an impressive influence on large bodies of water and makes tides, does the moon exert an influence on cloud formation?



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