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Sat, 22nd Sep 2007

Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Shadow Dexterous Robot Hand holding a lightbulb (c) With permission of Richard Greenhill and Hugo Elias

This week, robots have taken over the Naked Scientists! Okay, not really but we are looking into the world of robotics to find robots that can clean your floor, disarm bombs and wage war on our behalf. We find out about 'Curious George', a robot that can locate objects in the real world even though it's only ever seen them online, and ask if artificial intelligence will give us free thinking machines or murderous intellects? We also find out about how robots have revolutionised the study of genetics, learn about a mini movie showing the formation of blood platelets in real time, and uncover the oldest human remains ever found outside of Africa. Plus, we explore how a lightning strike acts as a particle accelerator, the science behind the perfect cake mix and in Kitchen Science Ben and Dave explain the principle behind a robot's knees - by showing you how to make an electromagnet!

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  • 30:52 - Train a Robot? Why bother, when he can just look it up?

    The Semantic Robot Vision Challenge was set up to find robots which could locate an object in real space, after only seeing it in cyberspace. We spoke to Professor Jim Little and Dr Per-Erik Forssen about their winning robot, Curious George

  • 37:59 - How do mouse pads work?

    This summer I've taken up playing guitar. Unfortunately, all I have is a steel-stringed guitar and it is forming some pretty wicked calluses on my fingers. I've noticed that the little mouse pad on my laptop no longer responds to the tips of my callused fingers. It responds perfe...

  • Can old people not use mousepads?

    Re the effect of calloused finger tips caused by metal guitar strings does this account for the fact that when I tried to teach an old friend to use a laptop she couldn't make the cursor move although I could ? Does this mean that with an ageing population computer designers ma...



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