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Sat, 27th Oct 2007

Cloning, Chimeras and Stem Cells

Dolly the sheep (c) Roslin Institute

This week on the Award Winning Naked Scientists we find out about stem cells and cloning. We discuss the elusive 'stemness' that allows cells to specialise, and learn about cloning in the post-Dolly the sheep era. We also find out how genetics has revealed that  neanderthals were redheads, how soap affects shoals of fish and some turtles come equipped with anti-roll bars. We also pay a visit to the Manchester Science Festival for a chat with Johnny Ball, and in Kitchen Science, we "clone at home" and find out the future of the humble banana.

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  • 33:21 - Stem Cells and 'Stemness'

    We spoke to Professor Roger Pedersen, of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at Cambridge University, about understanding 'Stemness'.

  • 40:10 - Cloning - Dolly and Beyond

    We spoke to Professor Ian Wilmut who, in 1996, cloned the first mammal, Dolly the sheep.

  • 45:58 - Why Have Pubic Hair

    My question is about pubic hair. Some people have said its purpose is to protect your bits, or to keep your bits warm, or to make you smell more attractive to the opposite sex. I want to know why to humans have it, do other animals have it, and what is its main function?

  • 50:11 - Do stem cells always reproduce accurately?

    When stem cells reproduce, do they always do so accurately?



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Johnny Ball on the show! Excellent, takes me back to being a kid. was it that long ago? I remember Johnny visiting my middle school back in '82, i doubt he does, but i remember that day like it was yesterday...or maybe the day before., Thu, 5th Nov 2009

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