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Sun, 11th Nov 2007

Naked Science Q&A

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This week on the Naked Scientists we seek solutions to your science questions.  From finding the site of the big bang to repairing the retina, mirages on the motorway to fruit fireworks in your microwave.  We also find out why staying in bed could help you keep slim, we explore the genes that let flies get drunk, and discover the source of the so-called "Oh My God! Particles", which have 100 million times more energy than in our biggest particle accelerators.  Also, we catch up with the latest in robotic cars and learn about the micro-microwave being used for analysis in the field.  Plus, in a live Kitchen Science, Dave finds out when is the best time to add milk, and still have the hottest tea.

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  • 27:05 - Could the retina be repaired using stem cell research?

    Could the retina be repaired using stem cell research?

  • 28:10 - Why do roads look reflective?

    While driving on a long stretch of highway I notice that when one looks ahead, very far down the road and on curves (left, right, up and down) the surface of the road becomes almost reflective. Iíve noticed this under both sunny and cloudy conditions but Iím wondering why it is.

  • 29:42 - How dangerous is uncooked pizza?

    I heated up a non-vegetarian pizza the other day. The bit in the middle wasnít very well-cooked. How dangerous would it be to eat the pizza?

  • 30:55 - Robot Cars - the DARPA Urban Challenge

    In this week's tech section, Chris Vallance tells us about the DARPA Urban Challenge, and how this could lead to cars that drive themselves!

  • 40:45 - Why do you get sparks in a microwave?

    Why, when I cut up apples into small pieces in a microwave close together, do they spark and flame up? If you cut a grape in half and put the two bits next door to each other in the microwave, why do you get glowing lights?

  • 42:11 - Micro-microwaves and Mini-Fuel Cells

    This month, we chat to Mark Peplow about the worlds smallest microwave oven, and a microscopic fuel cell.

  • 45:44 - Moonlight Photosynthesis

    If the sun is shining on the moon, and itís a full moon, can plants photosynthesise with the reflected light? If so, can they survive on that light alone?

  • 54:11 - Whatís the correlation between cold weather and catching a cold?

    Whatís the correlation between cold weather and catching a cold? If our bodyís core temperature is controlled within such strict parameters then does the ambient temperature affect internal conditions in our bodies?



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