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Sun, 16th Mar 2008

Cambridge Science Festival Highlights

Cybermen at the Cambridge Science Festival (c) Cambridge Science Festival

This week, we catch up with the action from this year's Cambridge Science Festival.  We find out what you could learn from a plasticine brain and how your next holiday could be literally out-of-this-world!  We explore the science of Dr who's Sonic Screwdrivers, Spiderman and Skateboarders and find out how long the festival takes to prepare.  Plus, how meteorite strikes benefit life on Earth, get a step closer to a cure for one of the most common forms of blindness and find out why chimps on TV could be harming their cousins in the wild.  All this, and in Kitchen Science we show you how to make a Vacuum machine powered bazooka!

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  • 10:44 - First Laid Eggs

    For years, scientists have assumed that the first born of any batch of offspring have a better chance of survival out in the wild, although this may not necessarily be true in humans. This does apply to birds, and it seemed that the first laid egg might do better than it's sibl...

  • 16:04 - Why does spinning make you feel sick?

    Here’s a question many people might want to try out at home or at work. Take and office chair and spin around for about 30 seconds. Why does that make you feel sick?

  • 17:43 - Organising the Cambridge Science Festival

    The Cambridge Science Festival lasts just two weeks, with a lot of the action compressed into a very busy weekend, but how long does it take to organise? Nicola Buckley joined us in the studio...

  • 21:15 - Festival Highlights - Biology Zone

    As part of Science Saturday at the Science festival, we sent Meera Senthilingam off to roam around the hands-on activities in the Biology Zones, right in the centre of Cambridge. And here’s what she found...

  • 44:47 - Timing the Tides

    I often do a lot of walking and so I like to know when the tide is right out because I like to walk out as far as I possibly can. When I was looking at the tide times I thought, "how do they get it so accurate?" It will say something like Wells Bar, low tide 14:02. The questio...

  • 50:08 - Vacuum Powered Bazooka

    Build a vacuum cleaner powered bazooka and launch projectiles across your garden.



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