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Sat, 16th Aug 2008

The Sounds of Science

Acoustic and Electric Violins (c) Rottweiler @ Wikipedia

The hunt for Bigfoot, how a beer or two can boost attractiveness and the brain basis of imagination go under the lens this week when Ben and Diana also meet the chemist-turned-rapper behind the contraceptive pill and the "Superheroes of Science" a concept album where science mixes with music. Plus, in an Olympic Kitchen Science, Ben and Dave tune in to a baseball bat's sweet spot...

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  • 01:57 - The Beer Goggles - Does Alcohol make people more attractive?

    People have long suspected that drinking alcohol makes people seem more attractive, but now, scientists at Bristol University have proof of the 'beer goggle' effect...

  • 08:45 - Treating Age-Related Macular Degeneration

    Age-related Macular Degeneration, or AMD, remains the most common cause of blindness in the UK, with little hope for treatment. The London Project to Cure Blindness are researching stem cell techniques that could see the end of AMD...

  • 15:23 - Chemistry Rap and the Contraceptive Pill

    Carl Djerassi was one of the team behind the contraceptive pill developed in 1951, but now, he's critically acclaimed for his science playwriting and even science rap!

  • 23:56 - Swinging for the Sweet Spot

    Have you every wondered why when you hit a ball sometimes it goes miles and other times you just end up with a ball at your feet and a very painful hand? Find out here.

  • 32:08 - The Power of Imagination

    What is imagination, and what's it for? We find out how imagination lets us learn from mistakes we've never made, and how things are never quite as bad as we imagine...

  • 38:53 - The Importance of Monster Hunters

    It's easy to dismiss bigfoot hunters as crackpots, inhabiting the 'lunatic fringe' of science - but, just like the amateur naturalists of the 19th century, monster hunters play a very important role...

  • 46:01 - Is the world much brighter than we see?

    After having a cataract removal operation I went outside with my eye still fully dilated and I found myself nearly blinded by the strong light. Is the world really that bright and our eyes shut down and let in just enough light that we can manage it or is what we normally see th...

  • 48:30 - Why do some people blink more than others?

    Why do some people blink more than others?

  • 50:15 - Superheroes of Science

    Superheroes of Science is an experimental concept album, where each track is based on the life and work of a different scientist. Due to be released for free later on this year, we were treated to a sneak-preview...



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