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Sat, 20th Sep 2008

Superbugs! Treating MRSA and C. diff

MRSA (c) CDC/ Janice Carr/ Jeff Hageman, M.H.S.

Superbugs and hospital acquired infections go under the microscope on this weeks Naked Scientists.  We find out why Clostridium difficile has become such a problem, how to keep bacteria away from surfaces and see if there's a vaccine for MRSA on the horizon.  Plus, we discover where fat cells hide out, why fungi fire spores at amazing speeds and how plant sugars can make perfect petrol.  And in Kitchen Science, Ben and Dave launch a liver-powered rocket!

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  • 10:29 - Surprise Attack - Stopping Bacteria from Sensing your Immune Response

    Some bacteria sense an immune response, and then become hyper-virulent. This means that treatment with antibiotics could make an infection worse! Now, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Centre have found a way to block the bacteria from sensing our response...

  • 16:07 - Fizzes from peroxide

    Use the power of catalysis to create oxygen and relight a piece of wood, and we give the same reaction a more explosive twist.

  • 22:02 - The Problem with Clostridium difficile

    Clostridium difficile bacteria account for many cases of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, and currently causes 7000 deaths per year - but where did it come from, and why does it present such a problem for hospitals?

  • 29:25 - Keeping Bacteria Off Surfaces

    Whether or not bacteria stick around in your local hospital isnít always down to local conditions or cleaning. Sometimes itís the microscopic structure of the surface youíre cleaning that dictates whether youíll manage to get the bugs off. If we can understand better how bacte...

  • 34:18 - Should we sterilize footwear in hospitals?

    Itís all very well hospital staff washing their hands with alcoholic gel and such-like but has anyone thought of having a matt covered with hydrogen peroxide to sterilise footwear as well? Is that an issue?

  • 35:14 - Will soap work against superbugs?

    Will ordinary soap work against the kinds of germs you might pick up at home and in the hospital?

  • 36:04 - Could laudanum treat superbugs?

    In the old days diarrhoea used to be treated with laudanum. Can we use that now for superbugs?

  • 37:35 - A Vaccine for MRSA

    The bacterium MRSA has been the big villain of hospital acquired infections Ė itís resistant to common antibacterial drugs, it seems to infect otherwise healthy people, and itís spread into the community. But now, scientists in Boston, have spotted a chink in itís armour Ė and ...

  • 54:35 - Will MRSA develop further resistance?

    If we discover a cure for MRSA by whatever means wonít we just end up with a bacterium thatís resistant to whatever our cure is and itís something worse?



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