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Sat, 4th Oct 2008

Catching up with Cancer

A Prostate Cancer Cell (c) Cancer Research UK Electron Microscopy Unit

We catch up with the latest on cancer this week including an update from the National Cancer Research Institute conference in Birmingham. We hear how computers are helping doctors to read mammograms, how researchers are re-programming the immune system to attack tumours, and we get the low down on the new vaccine against cervical cancer. We also discover how blood cells can be used as a Trojan horse to sneak-in chemicals to boost the power of body scans, what a fossil form of HIV can tell us about the origin of AIDS, and how beetles create their own antibiotics. Plus, in kitchen science, Ben and Dave use the power of steam to crush cans!

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Full Transcript

  • 13:50 - News from the NCRI Conference

    This weekend saw the National Cancer Research Institute conference in Birmingham, and our very own Kat Arney went along to bring us all the latest news from the front line in the war against cancer...

  • 18:50 - Steam Powered Can Crusher

    How to use the power of the atmosphere to crush your drinks cans for you...

  • 21:40 - Human Papilloma Virus

    Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women under 25 and 70% of cases are caused by a family of viruses known as the human papilloma virus. A new vaccine, now being given to girls age 12-13 in the UK, could help wipe out the problem...

  • 27:47 - Cancer Imaging - Zooming in on Cancers

    A new initiative funding research into cancer imaging could find new ways to spot cancer early, and better ways to target treatment. Kat Arney finds out more...



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