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Sun, 5th Oct 2008

Ocean Dead Zones, Fossil HIV and Beetle Antibiotics

The wooden horse from the 2004 film Troy (c) Ross Burgess

Using your own red blood cells as a Trojan horse to sneak-in chemicals which boost the power of body scans, the spread of ocean dead zones, what a fossil form of HIV can tell us about the origin of AIDS and how beetles create their own antibiotics all feature in this week's Naked Scientists News Flash.  Plus, we get the latest news from the National Cancer Research Institute conference, and discover a 7km train transporting ore across South Africa!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 13:17 - News from the NCRI Conference

    This weekend saw the National Cancer Research Institute conference in Birmingham, and our very own Kat Arney went along to bring us all the latest news from the front line in the war against cancer...



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