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Sun, 7th Dec 2008

The Science of Vision

The 'Glasses Apostle' (c) Conrad von Soest

The science of sight submits to the scrutiny of the Naked Scientists this week as we look at lens replacement surgery, the genetics of degenerative eye diseases such as macular degeneration, and find out whether gene therapy and stem cells can repair the damaged retina.  Ben undergoes a laser-vision correction test to discover how corneal re-shaping can be used to correct poor vision, and Meera meets a man to uncover the basis of blinking and the composition of tears.  Plus, how we hear how seashells have inspired tough new ceramics, uncover a signal that links food to body fat, and hear how a fraction of a dose of vaccine may be enough to prevent an epidemic.  In Kitchen Science, Ben and Dave wonder what happens to the rainbow-effect on a CD when you hold it under a street-light...

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  • 13:37 - Colours in CDs

    You may have noticed funky colours in CDs before, but where do they come from and why do they look different if you look at different lights?

  • 15:41 - Cataract Surgery - Replacing the Lens

    Optical Lens Replacement surgery can be used to treat cataracts, which affect millions of people worldwide. We find out how the surgery works...

  • 23:37 - The Benefits of Blinking

    Why do we blink? Dr Paul Murphy explains to Meera the importance of tears and blinking...

  • 28:20 - The Genetics of Eyesight

    There are many, diverse causes of blindness, with Inherited Retinal Degeneration affecting one in 2000 people in the UK alone. Robin Ali explains how gene therapy holds promise...



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I was watching the boxing match the other day between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao and I heard one of the commentators say "that left eye (of De La Hoya) is starting to shut, he can't keep it open" or something similar to that. I'm wondering why his eye began to shut? Chemistry4me, Sun, 14th Dec 2008

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