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Sun, 14th Dec 2008

Emerging Diseases

Influenza Virus (c) CDC/ Dr. F. A. Murphy

New and Emerging diseases go under the microscope in this week's Naked Scientists, as we discover how new diseases arise, cross species barriers and spread throughout the population.  We hear about the origins of HIV, the conditions that create hotspots for new pathogens and a fatal new virus found in Africa.  Also, we find out why some people are genetically pre-disposed to AIDS, how the giardia bug changes coats to trick the immune system and why captive elephants live shorter lives than in the wild. Plus, in Kitchen Science, Ben takes the Tabasco Temperature Test to see how mints and chilli affect the temperature on your tongue!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

Full Transcript

  • 24:48 - The Origins of HIV

    Understanding the origins of HIV will not only help us to find ways to treat the disease itself, but can also help us prevent future epidemics...

  • 33:44 - Hotspots for Emerging Disease

    Predicting where in the world diseases are likely to emerge can help us prepare for them, and even try to prevent them from happening. Zoologist Kate Jones has identified hotspots of emerging disease...

  • 40:34 - Catching New Viruses

    Earlier this year, a new and fatal strain of virus was discovered in South Africa after a patient was flown in from Zambia for emergency treatment. The virus was identified as a “Rodent-borne Arena Virus” and although it does have a very high fatality potential, it does respond...

  • 45:27 - What is tryptophan? Does eating turkey really make you sleepy?

    What is tryptophan? Does eating turkey really make you sleepy?



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