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Sun, 21st Dec 2008

Merry Naked Christmas!

A Christmas tree (c) Malene Thyssen @ wikipedia

Look what Santa has brought - a bulging sack of your science questions!  If you've ever wondered about the aerodynamics of reindeer, how fast Santa would have to travel to reach every house in just one night, or the calorie content of a Christmas dinner - then get your questions in now!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 22:18 - Can you breathe liquid?

    Are there a range of special liquids that people like the SAS can use to breathe at very great depths underwater?

  • 26:16 - Bubbles go Straight to your Head

    Does champagne go straight to your head? What is it about the bubbles that makes you get more drunk, more quickly? Meera goes in search of the science of champagne...

  • 47:25 - Eating All Your Sweets at Once

    I was wondering whether, should you feel the need to stuff yourself with chocolates over Xmas, it would be better to eat them all at once or to eat five or so sweets everyday for as long as it takes. In other words, providing you're not sick, whether you would be more likely to ...

  • 50:18 - Does light ever decay?

    Does light ever decay? Is there a limit to how bright light can be?



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